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I believe movement matters. I believe movement can be better!

NPI: 1801146444
LIC: 070019442

I grew up not far from Minonk is a little place called Lake Wildwood. My family and I live in Minonk and my wife was born and raised here. I have traveled the world with the military where I spent 11 years as an airborne infantryman. That's not really a transferable skill, so I left to pursue an education.

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a graduate degree in physical therapy in 2012. I then went on to obtain a manual therapy certification with the University of St. Augustine with an emphasis on spinal manipulation. I have multiple certifications with Functional Movement Systems and have helped pioneer and employ unique metabolic testing in other clinics. I have managed clinics in Minonk and Bloomington and recently left Mclean County Orthopedics where I lead their spine team and chaired professional development and metabolic health committees. I currently own my own practice in Minonk.

Physical therapy is about finding the cause of your issue, not just looking at symptoms. This allows for a better understanding of the problem and lasting improvement.  I have a passion for movement and problem solving. I don't see patients, I see people. I don't treat a diagnosis, I treat a person with unique and individual problems. Get in touch with me and see how you can move and feel better!

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